Hobsonville Point is a must-visit destination for Aucklanders from far and wide, according to the friendly face that greets many visitors to the development.


Daniela Collins manages Hobsonville Point’s Information Centre during the week and is often the first point of contact for those who are new to the area. Interest and demand has continued to grow with buyers of all ages enquiring about the development, she says.

“Hobsonville Point has become more popular.Visitors are coming from all over Auckland and beyond as they’ve heard about this development and they want to have a look for themselves.They discover things like the popular Farmers Market and the Coastal Walkway. Many families explore the area on their bikes.”

Alongside the amenities and attractions, she says visitors are also impressed by the range and quality of housing options available from the development’s eight building partners.

“Buyers are increasingly looking for properties that require less maintenance. They really like the sound of a modern, designed, new house that is well insulated, double glazed and energy efficient,” says Daniela, herself a Hobsonville Point resident. “They are also drawn to the sense of community here. It’s great to live in a place where you get to know your neighbours, you can walk or cycle everywhere, there are excellent schools close by and where your kids can play together in the neighbourhood.”

The Information Centre, located behind Catalina Café at 1 Hastings Street, is open every day from 10am to 4pm.