We are closing public access to the seaplane ramp at Catalina Bay because it is no longer safe to use. Below you'll find answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about the closure of the ramp.


Why are you closing the seaplane ramp?

The Hobsonville Point seaplane ramp has been structurally deteriorating for some time and recently received engineering advice has indicated that it can no longer be confirmed as safe for use. For the safety of the community, we have decided to close the ramp immediately.


Why didn’t you just repair it?

This would require completely rebuilding the entire structure which would be costly, and the ramp would lose its heritage features. We expect people will be able to access the water by mid-June via the new Jetty and pontoons at the Marine Sports Recreation Centre site nearby.


When was the ramp closed?

The ramp was closed on Tuesday 16 April 2024.


What should I do if I have a boat or vessel stored on the ramp?

You need to remove your boat or vessel immediately. There will be no ability to store boats on the seaplane ramp moving forward. There is access for people to remove their boats until 21 April 2024 via open fencing at the top of the ramp. After this date, you will need to get in contact at hobsonvillepoint@kaingaora.govt.nz to arrange removal.


How will people who are currently using their vessel get back?

There will still be access from the sea until 21 April 2024, when fencing will be installed on the seaward side of the ramp.


Why didn’t you give more notice about the closure of the ramp?

We appreciate the closure has come at short notice and would have preferred to offer more time. However, we only recently received the specialist engineering advice recommending closure and so we have needed to act swiftly.


Can I store my boat there in future?

The ramp is closed due to safety concerns and no boats can be stored on it. We are working with the Marine Recreation Centre Trust and Auckland Council for a solution to storing boats in the vicinity of Catalina Bay. In the meantime, you will need to find an alternative place for your boat.


How will I access the water once the ramp is closed to the public?

Access to the water will be through the new Jetty and pontoons at the Marine Recreation Centre site at the end of Launch Road. These water access facilities are expected to be open to the public from mid-June.


What will you do with the ramp once it is closed to the public?

We will consider next steps and let the community know when we have an update.


Will you recognise the historic significance of the seaplane ramp?

We understand that since the ramp was first constructed in 1928, it has come to mean a lot to locals. We have to close it for everyone’s safety, but we are looking at ways we can acknowledge its history and significance within the area, and we will keep the community updated on next steps.