Sustainability is at the core of the vision for Hobsonville Point

Since its inception, Hobsonville Point has been guided by a Sustainable Development Framework designed to ensure that we’re working as one towards our vision:

“To build a strong, vibrant community that sets new benchmarks for quality and accessible urban development with an environmentally responsible focus.”

When you hear the word ‘sustainability’, your thoughts might turn to the environment. But while environmental considerations are a critical part of the Sustainable Development Framework, it also encompasses economic, social and cultural objectives. We like to think that we were ahead of our time in shaping a practical framework for a sustainable development in this way!

We’ve been measuring our progress against the framework for the past ten years. You can read the latest report here, or take a look at a few highlights from the 2017/2018 year below.

Katja Lietz, General Manager, Masterplanning and Placemaking, talks about what makes our homes and neighbourhoods great to live in.


of residents say Hobsonville Point is a great place to live

Residents use


less electricity and 32% less water than the Auckland average


of children walk or bike to school


of residents rate the quality of local cafes, shops, parks and streets as good/very good


of residents have positive contact with their neighbours


of residents feel safe in their homes or out walking

Dozens of heritage buildings have been restored and repurposed for public use


of residents use local parks or community facilities at least monthly

Over half of residents take public transport, walk or cycle to work


of residents say that Hobsonville Point is a safe place for unsupervised children playing outside


of all homes sold to date are classified as affordable


of residents visit local cafes and shops weekly

Environmental sustainability at home

Environmental sustainability at home

Every home built at Hobsonville Point exceeds the building code in terms of water and energy use. It is mandatory for our builder partners to include the 'top seven' energy and water efficiency features in their designs. Together they add up to savings of around 27% compared with the average Auckland house.

  1. Heat pump or solar hot water ­– saves more than half the energy used to heat water

  2. Insulation levels above the building code and double glazing

  3. Make sure the house faces the sun

  4. Energy efficient lights

  5. A tank that catches rainwater from the roof to be used in toilets, laundry and garden

  6. Water efficient showers, toilets and taps

  7. Fold away washing lines so that you don't have to use the dryer as much

Environmental sustainability in the neighbourhood

Environmental sustainability in the neighbourhood

On the other side of the letterbox we've been working hard to make Hobsonville Point a healthy, happy and environmentally friendly place to live too. The development is designed to be pedestrian-friendly and residents have lots of transport choices. Many of our residents report they can manage with one car, where they needed two in their previous suburb.

Here's some of the steps we've taken to look after the environment:

  1. 10,000 native plants have been grown onsite from local seed for planting throughout the community

  2. 85% of building waste is recycled

  3. All stormwater is treated before being discharged to the harbour

  4. 100% of dwellings are within 800m of a bus stop

  5. We’re building a ‘continuous vegetation corridor’ covering 10% of the development, to protect biodiversity

Download the Annual Sustainability Report

Download the Annual Sustainability Report

We publish a yearly sustainability report that tracks our progress towards our sustainability goals. You can download the current and past copies here.











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