New Zealand's towns have traditionally grown organically. The problem with organic growth is that the facilities are always one step behind. HLC has been given the go ahead by the New Zealand government to take the opposite approach and build a masterplanned community.

Hobsonville Point has been deliberately designed as a medium density suburb. Find out from the experts why a smaller section can make for a better neighbourhood and a stronger community.

What that means is that by the time the houses are all built the community will already have everything it needs to thrive, purpose-built to the right scale and located in the right place. Parks and well-planned roads, schools and a community hall, jobs in the neighbourhood and public transport to the CBD, shopping centres a short drive away and local restaurants, bars and cafes; family homes and apartments by the water. It will all be here.

By studying urban design in New Zealand and the Northern Hemisphere we know what a community needs to thrive. That includes the tangibles like high-speed broadband and first-rate schools. But even more important are the intangibles; that all members of our community feel safe, have a sense of belonging and have a voice that counts.


What makes a place great to live in? The greatest benefit of Hobsonville Point being government led and planned from scratch is that we’ve had the chance to think long and hard about this question. We’ve studied the best research from around the world and planned a township that puts its residents’ wellbeing and sense of belonging first.

Support for healthy and active lifestyles, meeting the needs of both young and old, and homes catering for all ‘ages and stages’ are features of Hobsonville Point. Neighbourhoods are designed to be easy and safe to walk or cycle around and have been planned and built to promote community interaction. That means it's easy to get to know your neighbours and other members of the community, which is important because we know from research we're happier and safer that way.


Hobsonville Point is blessed with a beautiful natural environment. Protecting and maintaining it is a key focus of HLC. We do this in three main ways:

  1. Through maintaining and enhancing the existing natural habitat.
  2. Through environmentally aware urban design practices and construction processes.
  3. Through designing and building sustainable homes that are lower in energy and water use. Find out why homes at Hobsonville Point are kinder on the environment and your wallet here.


Hobsonville Point has been designed to be an easy place to get to work from. The community is served by two motorways, a ferry into the city and a regular bus service to nearby regional centres and beyond. There will also be local employment opportunities associated with the schools, shops and hospitality providers such as cafes and restaurants. We anticipate there will eventually be around 2,000 jobs here (not including construction related jobs).

Running a business from home is made easier with a number of homes designed to include flexible workspaces on the ground floor with direct access to the street. All homes and business will have high-speed broadband connections.

With Albany town centre and NorthWest Shopping Centre so close, large-scale retail is unnecessary so the shops at Hobsonville Point will retain a local feel. The nearby Hobsonville village shopping centre has been renewed and offers a supermarket and a mixture of retail stores and food outlets.


Hobsonville Point has a unique character as a result of its landscape, buildings and history. HLC aims to protect and maintain this character by honouring the history of the site and retaining many of the heritage buildings and mature trees that gave the air base its distinctive feel. A visual timeline at the ferry wharf will give you a good overview of the site's history from pre-European times until the present day. It's worth a visit. Read more about the site's history here.

The development also aims to allow people to celebrate their own cultural heritage, while developing a sense of place and a strong community. The community already enjoys many regular and special events, and residents report a high level of involvement and interest because “everybody is new, so we're all keen to meet people.” In a recent independent survey 98.5% of residents agreed that Hobsonville Point is a great place to live.


In February 2014 Te Kawerau a Maki and the Crown signed a Deed of Settlement; the iwi's final settlement of all historical Treaty of Waitangi claims. The Settlement includes an agreed historical account, an apology and cultural and financial redress. Part of that financial redress is 2800sqm of land at Te Onekiritea (Bomb Point) and a $300,000 contribution towards the establishment of a marae on the land.

HLC and Te Kawerau a Maki have been exploring options for the marae. One of the iwi's objectives is to reach out to the community so locals can learn about and experience Te Kawerau a Maki’s rich culture and history.

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Stylish 2 bed apartments beside the waters edge. Walking distance to ferry port and Catalina Bay. Easy living at affordable prices




Designed with modern living in mind. Offering resort-style living with timber features, light, open spaces and a sense of style and flair.




Architecturally designed spacious contemporary home. Three bed, large end terrace with park views and internal double garaging.