If you’re moving here, you’re in for a treat. Hobsonville Point is a friendly, inclusive community with a strong sense of place. The community holds many regular and special events, and residents report a high level of involvement and interest because “everybody is new, so we're all keen to meet people.”

All new residents join the Hobsonville Point Residents Society, so their website is a great place to start getting the lay of the land. Sign up to the newsletter or follow our Facebook page to find out what’s happening in your community, and check out the brochures below for everything you need to know about living at Hobsonville Point.

Welcome to the community

This booklet provides you with details of, and contact information for, the services and activities available within Hobsonville Point and nearby.

Our schools

An in-depth guide to our two new state schools, Hobsonville Point Primary and Hobsonville Point Secondary School.

Your new home at Hobsonville Point

Read how every new home at Hobsonville Point has been designed to maximise space, minimise power bills, and keep you connected with nature and your community.

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