Furry friends are welcome in Hobsonville Point apartments. 

Apartment developers in Hobsonville Point are giving dogs the ‘paws up’ and now opening their doors to pets and their owners who might otherwise have ruled out apartment ownership or renting.

The Uku and Kerewhenua apartments have been developed by Kerepeti – a joint-venture between Ngāi Tahu Property, the New Zealand Super Fund and New Ground Capital. They say Hobsonville Point is a perfect place to offer apartments to pet-owners.

“Our approach to the Uku and Kerewhenua neighbourhoods has been about building a long-term, sustainable community, much like the wider Hobsonville Point project,” says Tom Kemp, the Development Manager for Kerepeti.

“Kiwis love their pets. We realised this was a potential barrier to people who would otherwise consider owning or renting an apartment, so it made sense for us to reconsider what apartment living should look like.”

“Of course, there is still a process to follow in which applications are reviewed by the Body Corporate. There are some rules to ensure your furry friend is suited to the apartment lifestyle. But if you have a cat or smaller dog you’re unlikely to encounter any issue bringing your pet with you to your new home,” he says.

Kerepeti has also committed to making a percentage of homes available as long-term rental properties, where tenants can choose lease terms of one, three or seven years, with flexible early opt-out clauses. Apartment tenants also benefit from the pet-friendly offering, and Kemp says the security of tenure and flexibility of pet ownership has been well received.

The Kerepeti apartments are also appealing to downsizers and retirees looking for alternatives to retirement complexes that may enforce stricter pet ownership rules.

“Apartment life can offer a real sense of community and connection for people who want to maintain their independence in a lower maintenance home,” Kemp says.

Kemp notes the Hobsonville Point neighbourhood boasts many other pet-friendly features. Dogs are welcome on the ferry to and from the CBD, and organisers of the Catalina Bay Farmers Market love pups so much they host popular pet days, featuring plenty of stalls offering products and services for pets. 

And the Kerepeti apartments are just a short stroll from the on-leash Te Ara Manawa Coastal Walkway, and the fenced dog park at Te Onekiritea-Bomb Point which is dedicated to off-leash doggy exercise. With all this on offer, every dog can have its day at Hobsonville Point.