We’ve closed our Catalina Bay HQ and the Hobsonville Point Information Centre while COVID-19 Level 4 restrictions are in place, but our team is still working and available to answer any questions you might have about Hobsonville Point. You can get in touch by: 

Construction activities in Hobsonville Point have been suspended from midnight Wednesday 25 March for at least four weeks.

This includes any building site preparation, house construction and infrastructure works. In advance of this suspension, we have worked closely with our partners to make sure sites are tidy, secure and weather tight.

Following are some answers to some questions that might pop up in the Hobsonville Point community during the lockdown. We’ll update this list as the situation changes, but please always refer to the government’s official COVID-19 website for advice in the first instance. 

Can I take the kids to our local Hobsonville Point playgrounds? 

No, it’s best to steer clear of all playgrounds during the COVID-19 lockdown. These are classed as areas where people congregate and so are off-limits to ensure the lockdown is as effective as possible.

So long as you and your kids are well and not in self-isolation, you can still take them for a walk or bike through our local parks to stretch their legs, as long as you all maintain a two metre distance from others outside your ‘bubble’. Keep an eye on kids to discourage them from touching surfaces such as handrails.

Can I walk the Coastal Walkway and Didsbury Art Trail? 

Yes, if you’re well and not in self-isolation; but please take care to maintain at least a two metre distance from other visitors. 

Is the dog park open? 

Yes, but again, maintain at least a two metre distance from other dog walkers. Auckland Council has recommended that you keep your dog on a lead even in off-leash areas, to avoid potentially coming into close contact with someone else when retrieving your dog.

Are the bins being emptied or do I need to take rubbish home with me? 

Yes, however where possible please take your rubbish home with you.

Are the public toilets open? 

No, all public toilets are closed - so you’ll need to plan any walks accordingly. 

I've bought a home at Hobsonville Point off the plans, and have some questions. Who should I speak to?

The current Alert Level 4 restrictions means construction work is required to stop while the lockdown is in place. We’re working with our builder partners to ensure that construction can safely continue when restrictions are lifted. If you have any questions about your home please contact your builder directly. Or, if you've bought an AXIS series home, you can email info@axissseries.co.nz, or call 0800 801 601. 

The wellbeing of our people and the Hobsonville Point community is our priority, and we thank you for your patience during this pause. We hope you and your whānau stay safe and look after one another during this challenging time.

Aroha nui, 

The Hobsonville Point team