Representatives from HLC, Isthmus, Hobsonville Point Secondary School and Real Kids Early Learning Centre jointly presented ideas, concepts and plans for the Buckley B precinct park at Hobsonville Point to the Local Board at an Upper Harbour Community Forum session last month.

Isthmus director David Irwin said it made sense to ask users of the nearly 4000 square metre park what they’d like to see there.

“If a community is involved in the design process of the space, its people not only start identifying with the space – feeling ownership and pride in it – but in the long-term, the community become guardians of the space,” he said.

The Real Kids Early Learning Centre designed a bench seat that stemmed from the intention to be a part of the community beyond their fences. The vision for the bench is that it would be an all-inclusive, playful and beautiful place to meet and connect with the people of Hobsonville. The concrete seat will be shaped in a triangle featuring a log Taniwha and river stones painted by the children from the centre.

Hobsonville Point Secondary students from years 9 to 12 went through an intensive design process including collecting inspiration, researching materials, creating mesh models and then refining their designs which led to a list of desired activities at the park – with some designs being adapted for sections of the park.

‘Western Park’ is due to start the Resource Consent process in March 2018.