A Smart Move

Apartment living is on trend worldwide as people opt for more compact homes, pare back their belongings and prioritise experiences over “things”. Shedding the cost and time burden associated with home and garden maintenance leaves your weekends (and spare cash) free for doing the things that matter to you most.

Come and explore Hobsonville Point this weekend, grab a coffee at the Farmers Market on the waterfront and visit the show homes:

Ockham Residential

Show home: 30 Wallingford Way, Hobsonville Point


Maria Salmon on 027 274 0573 or

Yona Smith on 027 878 6508

Joss Lewis on 021 245 5155

Classic Builders

Show home: 11 Liquidambar Drive, Hobsonville Point


Lorraine Oates on 021 906 484 or

Sue Hetherington on 021 837602