As part of the process to vest the 10.7 hectares of land at Te Onekiritea Point to Auckland Council, Kāinga Ora – Homes and Communities is to undertake an extensive land remediation programme of work, commencing 2 June 2020.

In order to complete this work safely and efficiently, the entire reserve area at Te Onekiritea Point will be closed for the duration of the process, which is expected to take at least eight weeks.

The land remediation work will include removal of metal and building materials that have historically been buried in the area, including any asbestos. Previous tests have identified metal material buried throughout Te Onekiritea Point. Given Te Onekiritea Point's former role as a New Zealand Defence Force site, Kāinga Ora will be working with NZDF to identify, excavate and appropriately dispose of any military-related items the programme of work may find.

The closure of Te Onekiritea Point also includes the off-leash dog park, and an alternative temporary enclosure for off-leash exercise has been set up nearby, accessible via Harrier
Point Park.

Frequently asked questions

When is Te Onekiritea closing and for how long?
Te Onekiritea Point will close from 2 June 2020 for at least eight weeks. We have timed this work so that we are underway in the quieter winter months, ensuring we are best-placed to reopen again to the community in summer. It’s also possible we may find material we need to remove, or there may be future updates regarding Covid19 alert levels that complicate or delay our timelines. Wet weather can also impact our progress. In these instances we will assess our timeframes as our work progresses and will continue to keep residents and the public informed of any changes.

Why does the whole park need to close?
This enables us to work as quickly as possible to complete the work. It is also important for public safety. Contractors may be removing material from the site to dispose of it safely. We may be able to open parts of the reserve sooner and if we can, we will.

Where can we go instead?
The Coastal Walkway path excluding Te Onekiritea Point will remain open and accessible, with some diversions in place along Bomb Point Drive – please follow the signage. Luckens Reserve on Marina View Drive West Harbour is approximately 5km from Hobsonville Point, and includes a coastal walkway path.

What about dog park users?
A temporary off-leash dog park enclosure will be set up that can be accessed via the exercise equipment at Harrier Point Park. Follow the signage and ensure your dog remains on leash until you are within the fenced enclosure.

Dogs are also permitted off leash at Luckens Reserve in West Harbour, except near children’s playgrounds and sports facilities.

Who can I talk to if I have any more questions?