Four-legged friends of Hobsonville Point residents can look their best with the installation of a woof wash in the suburb.

The dog washing facility has been incorporated into the bottom of the newly-opened Brickworks Apartments by developers, Tasman Cook. For just $10, the 10-minute cycle allows owners to choose from shampoo and conditioning features, both with warm water, a flea treatment and a blow drier to keep their canine looking its best.

“Essentially it’s a flash bath,” says Vaughn Foster of Tasman Cook. “But instead of having to get yourself drenched while you fight to get your dog into the shower at home, and then spending 20 minutes cleaning the bathroom afterwards, you can take your dog down to the machine. It’s up to you whether you do 10 minutes of shampooing or run through the whole range of features.”

Vaughn says the woof wash, which caters for all sizes of dog, is a feature that adds to the experience of living at Hobsonville Point.

“It’s becoming reasonably common in Europe and parts of North America, and we thought it would be a good idea here knowing that the Point is both family and pet friendly.”

Owners wanting to pamper their pooch can find the woof wash on Baffin Street, near the intersection with Hobsonville Point Road and behind the new convenience store.