Visitors traversing Hobsonville Point’s Catalina Precinct will soon be able to enjoy something a little unexpected with the development of a themed play trail extending the length of the spine road (Onekiritea and Rangihina Road), towards Te Onekiritea Point.

Under development by AVJennings, the road is being landscaped as a garden or park, presenting an experience very different to that of a regular thoroughfare for both pedestrians and cars alike. It will be a shared space for vehicles and people, with different zones encouraging users to journey, gather, interact and rest.

The road will also feature a play trail themed around water, utilising the rainwater catchment in the street as it journeys towards the Te Onekiritea Point wetland. Visitors young and old will be able to interact with the water through gardens that capture street runoff, pipelines, still and running water features including a water play area, and stepping stones.

AVJennings Project Director, Adriaan Vlok, hopes the road will become an active and vibrant space for the community.

“There will be plants to attract bees and birds, lawns to stretch out on, whimsical birdhouses and places to enjoy a barbecue together with neighbours. It’s going to be the first of its type in New Zealand and we hope there will be lots for everyone to explore and enjoy.” The road will be open to the public later this month.