The Crown-led community development at Hobsonville Point will get true high-speed broadband to all houses, schools and commercial premises under a partnership deal with Vector. The integrated broadband and energy solution also provides for future-proofing the development’s electricity infrastructure to facilitate alternative energy generation and to take advantage of emerging technologies.

Hobsonville Land Company (HLC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Housing NZ Corporation, is leading the planning and delivery stages of the re-development of the 167- hectare former Hobsonville airbase site in partnership with the private sector. The project will result in a community of over 10,000 people living and working at Hobsonville Point.

>CEO Mr Sean Bignell says the agreement with Vector is fantastic for Hobsonville Point, providing true, high speed broadband via fibre to all premises, and electricity infrastructure to support renewable generation and smart energy management in the future.

>Vector Chief Executive Simon Mackenzie says Vector is looking forward to working with the Hobsonville Land Company in helping to realise its vision of a sustainable and vibrant urban development.

“This is an exciting opportunity for Vector to deliver integrated network solutions through reliable electricity and ultra fast fibre optic networks by leveraging our existing expertise in managing multi-utility networks. The Hobsonville development takes urban planning into an entirely new era.”

Vector is well-positioned to deliver this next generation energy and telecommunications environment through innovative and customer-focused solutions, Mr Mackenzie said.

Mr Bignell says it was important for Hobsonville Land Company to enter into a long-term relationship with Vector that went beyond getting infrastructure in the ground.

“This relationship will enable us to jointly explore new opportunities as they arise through a true partnership approach. Communications and energy is a fast-evolving field and we need to ensure that Hobsonville Point is equipped to stay at the forefront, so that this technology is available for the benefit of our residents.”

Provision of a true, high speed, open access, telecommunications network at Hobsonville Point will help the competitiveness of local businesses, enable people to work easily from home and provide access to educational opportunities, he said.

Future proofing electricity infrastructure at Hobsonville Point will enable the uptake of new and emerging technologies by residents, helping to reduce consumption and costs.