What began as a concern voiced by local parents has culminated in a creative and cooperative learning exercise for students from both Hobsonville Point schools.

Parents of primary school students had expressed concern about the speed of cars and trucks in the neighbourhood.

“Knowing that the schools are very keen to contribute to this community and experience real life learning, we sought to address the issue by asking school students to design banners that will get an important safety message across to drivers,” says Kathleen Waldock of Hobsonville Land Company.

The schools gladly rose to the challenge, with students from the secondary school leading workshops with their primary school counterparts to design and produce suitable artwork. The primary students generated lots of creative and colourful ideas while the secondary students did a fantastic job of organising resources and designing the banner layouts.

The winners, whose art will be printed and displayed on banners around the Point, are Andre De Billot, 7, and Caitlyn Rodolf, 8. A third banner will also be displayed to tell the story behind the project to passersby.

“When drivers see these banners, we hope they’ll realise that it’s children, not just adults, who are asking them to slow down,” says Kathleen. “We think they’re a great visual reminder that there are young people in the area and as such, we all need to take extra care behind the wheel”