Catalina Bay at Hobsonville Point is fast evolving into a world-class waterfront precinct. With upgraded walkways and paving, outdoor seating and attractive planting, it will connect locals and visitors to businesses, transport and recreational activities right on the water’s edge. 

Work at Catalina Bay has been structured and rolled out in stages, to minimise disruption. Stages 1A and 1B started last year near the Launch Road roundabout. This was followed with construction commencing near the ferry terminal for Stages 2 and 3. 

Good progress has been made at Catalina Bay, despite the challenges posed by Covid lockdowns. Stage 2 is very close to completion, only requiring finishing touches to stormwater and streetscaping. Fencing of the precinct has been moved to Stage 3 and initial work on this has started already. Fencing construction will slowly work its way towards the Farmers Market building over the coming days and weeks, so please be mindful and stick to the pathways when moving around in this area. Stage 3A is estimated to be complete by winter 2022 and Stage 3B by spring 2022! 

Please continue to support your favourite local cafes, restaurants and shops. The amazing Didsbury Art trail is also still open, so make the most of the still beautiful weather and get coastal. 

For more info about what’s in store for Catalina Bay visit