Written by Hobsonville Point Secondary School students Jia Sharma and Zion Stanton.
Photos supplied by Hobsonville Point Secondary School for use in this article.

Project-based learning is an important part of how things are done at Hobsonville Point Secondary School. Over the first half of this year, students have been collaborating on projects exploring different problems and issues of the past, present and future of living in Onekiritea (Hobsonville Point). 

On the 26th of May, they all came together to form a community event called ‘Onekiritea: Your Place’. A committed group of students organised and managed all aspects of the event and did a great job ensuring it all ran smoothly. It was an outstanding success, with many people from the community coming to view the project outcomes. Everyone also enjoyed the musical items performed by students and teachers, as well as the delicious kai from the six food trucks that came along on the night.

Walking around the event on the night, it was inspiring to see students speaking passionately and confidently about their projects. One group of students wanted to come up with a way to encourage more people in the community to meet and connect with their neighbours. Charlotte Teahan, aged 14, said, “We worked alongside the local small business ‘Foraged and Curated’ to design gift boxes using local products. Members of the community were able to put together a gift box at the event and choose a neighbour to gift it to.”

Another group set out to show members of the community how they might encourage biodiversity in Onekiritea when they have limited space for a garden. Team member Callum Cowley (Year 12) said, “We made a balcony to show the community how they can utilise their limited courtyard or balcony space to create a haven for birds and insects.”

Onekiritea is special in many ways. Did you know that our area is home to a ‘nationally critical’ plant which was once vulnerable to extinction? Epilobium Hirtigerum is native to New Zealand, and this particular species can only be found in Onekiritea. One of the projects focused on designing a 3D model of the Scott Point Sustainable Park which will be developed within the next few years. Project member Leo Jones, aged 17, said, “One-third of this park is going to be dedicated to conservation – it’ll provide a space for the Epilobium to grow. We created a scale model to show what the park will look like.”

Project-based learning provides students with an opportunity to collaborate with others, to connect, contribute and make a difference to the community and to develop their own passions. We look forward to showcasing more exciting projects led by Hobsonville Point Secondary School students.

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Onekiritea (Hobsonville Point) is fortunate to have two new state schools within the community - Hobsonville Point Primary and Hobsonville Point Secondary School. Run by a single Board of Trustees, they share a common approach to learning and collaborate regularly. This means that when a child makes the transition from primary to secondary school, they are already familiar with the environment, staff and older students.

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