In a new development you can expect a lot of focus on what is going in, but at Hobsonville Point just as much thought has been given to what is being taken out.

Rubbish removal specialist, Green Gorilla, has been taking care of the point’s rubbish since the development started, and it is no small job. “We have over 60 bins on site and we collect between 15 and 20 tonnes of waste every week,” says Sales Manager, Clinton Jones. “It’s a mixture of demolition waste from ex-Airforce buildings and construction waste - offcuts and materials from new builds.”

It is all taken back to Green Gorilla’s specialist waste processing facility in Onehunga where 80% of building, construction and demolition waste received is diverted away from landfill. The recovered materials have a wide range of uses – wood is chipped into biofuel that is used as an energy source and a fossil fuel (coal) replacement by Golden Bay Cement as well as being used for landscaping and animal bedding. Gypsum from plasterboard is used as fertilizer and plasterboard paper and all cardboard from bins is recycled. All steel (including four tonnes of nails every week) is removed both by industrial magnets and by hand-sorting to be recycled.

Green Gorilla also introduced an innovative new five metre bin at Hobsonville Point in an environmentally-friendly initiative to reduce the number of truck movements required to remove bulk waste offsite, in turn reducing the overall carbon footprint.

And the most unusual thing found in Hobsonville Point waste? “A couch and other defunct household items that have somehow made their way into the bins,” says Clinton. “So please remember that the Green Gorilla bins are provided for contractors’ use only. People run the risk of injuring themselves by attempting to use the bins illegally so are advised not to do so.”

Green Gorilla can provide user-friendly, household waste collection services at discounted prices to Hobsonville Point residents. Call (09) 636-2244 for information.