AT recently announced an increase in ferry and bus services at Catalina Bay. This is great news for the Hobsonville Point community! In addition to weekday timetable changes, including more frequent ferry sailings and linked bus routes, there will also be quicker weekend transport with ferries using the faster weekday route to and from Auckland’s downtown terminal. 

Starting Monday 21st March, the new weekday ferry timetable servicing Catalina Bay will increase from 13 sailings each day to 18 sailings. This includes additional sailings at midday and in the evenings. From Sunday 20th March, there will be a new timetable for bus routes 112 and 114 to complement these changes. This will mean commuters will arrive at the Catalina Bay ferry terminal 7 minutes before ferries depart, with buses now leaving 7 minutes after ferries arrive. 

The additional ferry sailings, updated routes and bus timetable changes will all help to connect the Hobsonville Point community to Auckland's CBD faster, with increased travel time flexibility - an all round win for the Point neighbourhood. 

To see AT’s new ferry timetable click through on the link below.