Bring a bottle next time you visit the Hobsonville Point Farmers Market to take home some premium, organic wine.

Vendors ‘Free Range Wines’ use a portable wine tap system, meaning customers can bring their own bottles, jars and containers to fill. Modelled on a practice popular in European vineyards, the fill-your-own approach to wine sales is both fun and environmentally friendly.

“Already we have a customer who brings a 1L pasta jar to be filled and another who kayaks across the bay with his bottles,” says Justin Oliver of Free Range Wines. “An added bonus is that without the cost of labels and packaging, we can offer our premium wine at a much cheaper price.”

Justin, who with his wife Cynthia has been making wine for almost 20 years, says Free Range Wines is a recent venture inspired by the growing natural wine movement, which uses minimal additives or other manipulations. Free Range wines are organically grown and contain little or no added sulphites - great for the increasing number of people who suffer from a sensitivity to sulphites in wine.

Located in a hangar at The Landing, the Hobsonville Point Farmers Market is the only true indoor market in Auckland. Featuring local artisan producers and growers, live entertainment, delicious gourmet food, an indoor café and outdoor games area, it is open in any weather from 9am to 1pm every Saturday and Sunday. Dogs are permitted on a lead.

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