Its official, the boardwalk running through the mangroves as part of Hobsonville Point’s Coastal Walkway, will open early next year. The waterside walkway, that stretches from the periphery of Classic Builders ‘Hudson’ precinct and around to Catalina Bay, provides a unique water experience allowing visitors to view to the coastal edge with the opportunity to access water at high tide.
Once open, it will be accessible by the Fabric Bay building at Catalina Bay but will still be fenced off at the western end of the boardwalk, until the final part of the walkway, and the joining of the whole loop, is completed.
The Hobsonville Point Coastal Walkway is a 5km walkway that forms a circuit around two thirds of the Hobsonville Point site and features opportunities for play, integrated art, resting places, and visual reminders of the area’s history. It is designed to make the most of the coast for residents and visitors, and the majority of the walkway hugs the coastal edge.
The boardwalk section is three metres wide and includes approximately 364m2 of public deck over two levels, using a mixture of hardwood and pine. The two viewing platforms will provide vantage points for users to watch the world go by or access the water. The decks and boardwalk are also being fitted with steel and timber handrails to provide a serene yet safe experience for all to enjoy.