While sharing something on social media can be helpful, incidents should first be reported to Police to ensure we know what is going on.

To help create a safer community together, you may also consider joining your local Neighbourhood Support team (contact Sharon or Louise on 838 0132) or the Massey Community Patrol Group.
Massey Patrol came about because of the massive growth in Massey, Westgate, West Harbour and Hobsonville. Volunteers patrol in pairs for as many hours as their schedules allow. Though financially independent, the patrol has backing from Police and effectively acts as extra eyes and ears gathering intel and reporting incidents.

It is primarily responsible for patrolling the geographical areas covered by Massey Police, which includes neighbourhoods and major carparks (particularly following spikes in crime). Patrols cross borders when required to cover “hot spots” or major events such as missing children/elderly. Massey Patrol is based at Massey Community Police Station and all patrols are logged onto the Police District Command Centre for safety purposes with direct access to Police Communications.

The more people that join from your area, the more patrols in your neighbourhood. Volunteers also get to work with local Police on community events and visit Police Central Command areas not open to the public.

For more, call Maree at Massey Police on 832 4099.