Catalina Bay at Hobsonville Point is already pretty darn great. But soon it’s going to get even better. Right now, work is being done to transform the area into a pedestrian-friendly space, with upgraded paving, seating and planting. It’s the next step in Catalina Bay’s evolution towards a truly world-class waterfront precinct.

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Got questions? We’ve got answers.

  • Who’s doing the work?

    Kāinga Ora is managing the groundworks and infrastructure programme in preparation for future residential and commercial development by Willis Bond & Co, the developer of the land at Catalina Bay. Our civil construction alliance partner, LEAD Alliance, will be undertaking the groundworks programme. You can contact them with any construction related questions on 0508 74748244 (ext 6).

  • How can I access Catalina Bay businesses or get to the ferry?

    We’ll ensure there is continued pedestrian access to all the businesses at Catalina Bay as well as the ferry terminal and the seaplane ramp, though we may have temporary detour routes to avoid nearby works. All pedestrian routes will be clearly signposted. Please allow extra travel time to account for this.

  • I have limited mobility. How will I get to Catalina Bay?

    We’ll work to ensure there is continued pedestrian access to Catalina Bay, including for people with mobility issues. Where possible and provided the programme of work allows we will accommodate mobility parking. There will also be a designated drop off and pick up zone via Hudson Bay Road. There will still be reasonably handy parking and accessways into Catalina Bay.

  • Will you be reopening the carpark at Catalina Bay when you’re done?

    No, there will no longer be any general parking at Catalina Bay, although we will have limited mobility parking for permit holders. The future plans for Catalina Bay include a mix of commercial, retail and residential buildings. On completion, it will be a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly precinct that complements the Coastal Walkway and makes better use of the desirable waterfront location. The new road connection we are developing will allow buses to continue to come down to Catalina Bay.

  • Is the work noisy?

    The work involves heavy machinery drilling and breaking concrete, so it will be noisy and disruptive. We’ve communicated this to the Catalina Bay tenants and will continue to work with them throughout the programme of work to ensure the least amount of disruption as possible. We will only operate during consented hours of construction.

  • Will this work programme continue even if we have more lockdowns?

    That depends entirely on alert levels and advice from the Ministry of Health. Our contractors will continue to operate safely at any levels at which this is possible. But we’re not able to predict precisely what might happen.

  • What is happening to the Yacht Club?

    We are relocating the Hobsonville Yacht Club to a temporary location near the Farmers Market while plans and fundraising continue for a new Marine Recreational Centre to the south of the roundabout at the bottom of Launch Road. This will also be an exciting addition to this neighbourhood when it is completed.

  • I have a business or work at Catalina Bay. How will this affect me?

    As the works continue in Stages 2 and 3, you can expect some increased noise and vibration levels. We will be upgrading all the concrete paths outside the existing tenancies and creating new pedestrian-friendly walkways with architectural features. This upgrade will not only improve the quality and look of the path and tenancy exteriors, but also require minimal maintenance going forward.

  • Who can I contact if I have any further questions?

    For enquiries on construction call 0508 Piritahi (0508 7474 8244). For general enquiries about the Catalina Bay Waterfront upgrade, contact

  • What is happening to the boat ramp?

    The boat ramp will be retained and will remain open for launching smaller craft while we upgrade the Catalina Bay section of the coastal walkway. When we fence off the area for the safety of the ramp the other half will still be open and operational for dinghies. You will only be able to use half the width of the ramp, so we’ve asked boatowners to remove all boats kept at the ramp before 1 October 2021. Remaining boats can be collected from the Piritahi Site Office – phone Thomas on 021 629 062

  • What is happening next to Little Creatures?

    Work has begun on Willis Bond’s Catalina Bay Apartments, with an estimated construction programme of 26-months to completion. Pedestrian access to the Coastal Walkway and to Launch Road will remain along the waterfront, so please follow directional signage carefully. For more information on the build, visit

  • Where is Catalina Bay's nearest bus stop?

    With construction continuing to enhance Catalina Bay, the bus isn't always able to turn around at the bottom of Hudson Bay Road, so the bus stop is temporarily located at the bottom of Launch Road to minimise disruption to the bus schedule.