Hobsonville Point is fortunate to have not one, but two brand new schools within the community; Hobsonville Point Primary, and Hobsonville Point Secondary School. Both are state schools and are run by a single board of trustees. The schools share a common approach to learning and collaborate regularly. When your child makes the transition from primary to high school they are already familiar with the environment, staff and older students.

The Principals talk about what makes two new schools better than one.

The schools are run under a PPP (Public, Private Partnership). This means a private company takes care of the management of the buildings and grounds, freeing the principals up to concentrate on the important work of education.

Visit the Hobsonville Point Schools website.

A day in the life of Hobsonville Point Primary, through the eyes of the students.

Our Schools

Our Schools

An in-depth guide to our two new state schools, Hobsonville Point Primary and Hobsonville Point Secondary School.

Hobsonville Point Early Learning Centre

Northern Auckland Kindergarten Association has established an early learning centre in De Havilland Road, Hobsonville Point next to Hobsonville Point Primary School.

Hobsonville Point's new Early Learning Centre is now open. Sitting atop a small hill with a view of Leon van Eijkel's brightly coloured windmill sculptures, the building has been purposed designed. Architect Phil Smith of Collingridge and Smith, says the design concept was inspired by the Northern Auckland Kindergarten Association's core values of Sustainability, Excellence and Aspiration. “We expressed these as three whares housing the primary functions of the building. By rotating each whare and overlaying them, we formed a village, with a central ‘piazza’ at its heart. All classrooms flow onto this central space, as does the kitchen, creating a real social heart to the building.”

The Northern Auckland Kindergarten Association's General Manager, Garth Halliday, says building and establishing the Centre has been an exciting journey so far. "We have 15 centres, but this is our first Early Learning Centre. The difference between this centre and the kindergartens is that we have babies from six months old, and we're open the whole day from 7.30am until 6.00pm to cater for the long hours many families need. At the same time we offer fully qualified and registered teachers so the children get the best quality care and education we can provide.”

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FROM $969,000

Standalone three bedroom, two bathroom family home close to reserve and schools.



FROM $635,000

Bernoulli Gardens by Ockham Residential. Two to three bedroom apartments set in a lush garden environment unique to Hobsonville Point.



FROM $869,000

Terraced living at its best. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, open plan living. Innovative architecture and design.