Ever since the 1940’s, Aucklanders have equated ‘home’ with a standalone house on a big suburban section. Over the years, that traditional house has become increasingly large and more expensive, and our disposable incomes and our free time have taken a big hit.

But our lives and the things we value have changed - and Auckland’s housing market is finally beginning to catch up. Intelligent alternatives to suburban McMansions and rundown doer-uppers are cropping up in vibrant villages and suburbs, where everything’s a short walk away and green space abounds.

Hobsonville Point has been at the forefront of this evolution. Here you’ll find the kind of high quality apartments, terraces and ‘walk ups’ that are common in the world’s most liveable and loved cities.

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Winton Marlborough Cres Exterior A Large v2

The Marlborough

Ground floor, architect-designed apartments each with a generous courtyard area that’s perfect for entertaining. The Marlborough is just a short walk to the ferry, Fabric Café, Little Creatures craft brewery, Farmers Market and Catalina Bay’s new retail offering.

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18 Nugget Avenue

Carefully planned and thoughtfully designed, this three bedroom, 1.5 bathroom home is built with quality materials and encompasses future-proofed technology and energy efficiency. It comes with Universal Homes 10 Year Master Build Guarantee.

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Apartment 18, Buckley Avenue

Beautiful two bedroom waterside home in the Edgewater Apartments by Classic Builders. Spacious balcony overlooking the water and capturing all day sun. Set within established gardens and beside the historical 1930s MillHouse.

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Four reasons to choose a home that’s right for you, at Hobsonville Point

Only pay for what you use

Big doesn’t always mean better. Terraced homes, walk-ups and apartments at Hobsonville Point are ‘right sized’, meaning they’re designed with clever floor plans and features that make better use of space than a typical standalone home. So instead of servicing a mortgage on redundant square meterage, you only pay for what you’ll actually use - without compromising on quality, practicality or style.

Liberate your weekends

Life’s too precious to spend sanding your weatherboards. All Hobsonville Point homes exceed New Zealand building standards and are built to last using quality materials. Even better, if you choose an apartment or townhouse, your body corporate will take care of all the exterior maintenance. The result? More time for the stuff that matters, and less time being a slave to your property.

Make the whole neighbourhood your backyard

Once you factor in interest payments over the life of your mortgage, the total price tag on a big Auckland section is gobsmacking. Make like the Europeans, and exchange that expensive lawn for beautiful shared spaces. Hobsonville Point has been carefully planned to provide neighbourhood amenity that rivals the world’s best precincts, such as a buzzing waterfront hospitality scene, a 5km coastal walkway, and 26ha of reserves, parks and playgrounds.

Invest in your future

Buying a home that’s the right size and type for you is the smart financial decision - and doing it at Hobsonville Point could help you get ahead even faster. The mix of homes here attracts a more diverse range of residents, which research has shown results in a stronger community. Add to that plentiful transport options, great schools, and a Design Review Panel that ensures all homes built here meet the same high standards, and you can be confident that buying a Hobsonville Point home is a great investment in your future.

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of homes built here meet Homestar 6 standards


of homes sold to date are terraces, and 16% are apartments


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