A waterfront like no other

Apr 28 2017 Community

Over-water dining is coming to Hobsonville Point with the development of Catalina Bay as a prime destination for locals and Aucklanders alike.

Developer Willis Bond & Co has released plans – which detail a stunning mix of restored heritage buildings and new ventures culminating in a gateway to the west from the water – for the precinct now known as Catalina Bay. While many will know the area as The Landing, the headland at the end of Launch Road is in fact called Catalina Bay – a name which references the area’s Air Force history and its connections to both land and sea.

Willis Bond managing director, Mark McGuinness, says construction is underway in the precinct which will eventually be home to a micro-brewery, cafés and restaurants, restored character offices, an already-thriving farmers market and between 60 and 80 high quality freehold apartments.
“Surprisingly it is highly unusual in Auckland to sit over water and enjoy a meal or a coffee. You will be able to do that at Catalina Bay.”

Restoration of the existing historic Air Force buildings and hangars is ongoing. Among those being restored is the Fabric Bay Building which is intended for use as a top-quality restaurant offering over-water dining from early 2018. Expressions of interest in this tenancy are currently being accepted.
One of the bay’s oldest buildings, which dates back to about 1929, is getting a new lease on life as the permanent home of the Hobsonville Point Farmers Market later this year. The market continues to operate in the Fabric Bay Building (located by the wharf) in the interim.

HLC will also call Catalina Bay home later this year when it moves to its new tenancy in the refurbished office space on the west side of the precinct.

“Catalina Bay will be an important community centre at Hobsonville Point as well as an important access point as ferry traffic grows,” says HLC CEO, Chris Aiken. “Plus it will become a significant waterfront recreational and commercial space for the upper Waitemata.”

Meanwhile, dredging work, to create a permanent wet edge on the sea wall surrounding the bay, is expected to be completed in the next few months.

A message from police

While sharing something on social media can be helpful, incidents should first be reported to Police to ensure we know what is going on.

Rise to the challenge

Trailblazers, mud-lovers and outdoor enthusiasts take note – the annual Runway Challenge is returning to Hobsonville Point on Sunday, May 21.

A place to play

Opportunities for play and adventure will soon await those who turn right at the seaward end of Launch Road.

Colourful creation in the making

Shades of red, orange and hot pink, combined with splashes of lime, will adorn Hobsonville Point Road’s pohutukawa tree when it receives its second lot of handmade livery later this year.

Take a waterfront walk

Visitors to Hobsonville Point’s Coastal Walkway, Te Ara Manawa, will soon be able to meander along the water’s edge.

More choice on the menu

Coffee lovers have new reasons to smile with big changes to the local café scene.

Stage set for action

Hobsonville Point’s former Rifle Range has been transformed from an area of practice to one of performance.

Hop onboard

Is your set of wheels costing you a lot but not taking you far?

New online home for residents

Hobsonville Point Residents Society (HPRS) has a new website for use by everyone who calls Hobsonville Point home.

ANZAC DAY Hobsonville Point Community Peace Poppy Project

For the third year in a row, residents of Hobsonville Point participated in the installation of roughly 1800 Peace Poppies in commemoration of ANZAC day.