A single bedroom, single level home of 40m²

A two bedroom, two level home of 83m²

A three bedroom, single level home of 89m²

Each of these homes has a Homestar rating of six stars. Homestar rates the performance of a house in terms of energy and water efficiency. Meeting the current building code would give you a rating of four stars, and most existing Auckland houses only receive two or three stars.

Homes of this size are not unusual overseas, but they are here. The three homes were open to consumers and to members of the building industry for viewing from March to August 2014. Visitors provided feedback by way of response cards and participation in an online survey. Results have found that the traditional, commonly-held view that the market wants bigger homes may no longer be the case, given the strong overall positive feedback about smaller homes. To find out more about the results of the survey, read here.

All three homes are now closed to the public and have been sold.

Visit the Axis Series Small Home Test Lab website.

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FROM $969,000

Standalone three bedroom, two bathroom family home close to reserve and schools.



FROM $635,000

Bernoulli Gardens by Ockham Residential. Two to three bedroom apartments set in a lush garden environment unique to Hobsonville Point.



FROM $869,000

Terraced living at its best. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, open plan living. Innovative architecture and design.